Culture Clash Studios

Commission Rates



  • Pencil art - Drawn in pencil (or photo-light blue pencil if desired), this can be defined as a rough draft finish.  Great for character sketches or storyboard concepts.  This is also a great bargain if you are looking to get multiple characters at a low price.  $20.00 for first character, $5.00 per additional character.



  • Line art - A higher grade of pencil art.  Here the rough edges have been removed and you get a fine pen outline of the character.  Ideal for scanning.  $25.00 for first character, $10.00 per additional character.




  • Color - This would be a finished product.  Includes pen outline with color tone.  All color work is done with color inks and materials.  Ideal for scanning.  A nice decision if you want an overall complete finish. A very popular choice for conventions!  $50.00 for first character, $20.00 per additional character.



  • Digital - Similar to color, however all coloring is done through the computer.  Customer will be provided with both TIFF version for high quality printing and JPG version for digital sharing.  Will be emailed to customer.  $40.00 for first character, $20.00 per additional character.



  • WatercolorThis would be a finished product.  Work would be on cold-pressed watercolor paper using various watercolor paints and inks.  Ready for show and framing.  $60.00 for first character, $25.00 per additional character.
  • Oil on CanvasNote that this will take longer, but the overall look will be stunning!  Work will be done on stretched canvas (usually studio wrap), and will be using various oils and mediums.  Final piece will be dried and protected with varnish finish.  Will be sent without frame mouldings.  $75.00 for first character, $45.00 per additional character.



Additional charges may apply based on size, background, theme, etc.
  • Manga Concepts - I am always looking for projects.  $80.00 per page (black and white).  Color is extra depending on the projects please ask.
  • Logo and/or Tattoo Designs - Usually done in black and white, but color can be applied as well.  Minimum $150.00 depending on detail.

Shipping will be preferably UPS, charges based on size and weight.

No refunds on finished work, digital or otherwise.  Artwork will not be sent unless payment has been made.  Customer agrees that time frame will be at the discretion of the artist.  Artist reserves right to use finished work for future advertisements and/or prints for future sales.

For any commission requests, please feel free to drop an email


Please be sure to put "Commission Request" on your subject heading.